Rates and Fees

Our Policy:
  • Interest
  • Charges
  • Application Forms
  • Flexible Terms of Repayment
  • Payment Protection Insurance
  • Other Insurance Cover
  • Down to Earth Advice

We believe our rates are very competitive in the market place. Many clients have told us that we are cheaper than some other finance companies they have dealt with. Interest is only charged to our clients accounts on a weekly, monthly or fortnightly basis, depending on the frequency of their repayments. If the loan is refinanced or repaid early, the interest not charged in advance is credited to the account.
Our clients benefit because our interest rate is very competitive.

We incur charges from other businesses and government agencies during the processing and registering of a loan. In order to keep our interest rate low we have to pass these charges on to our clients. Many other finance companies have much higher fees and charges and we know that we are cheaper.
We have a deliberate policy of keeping charges reasonable and fair.

Application Forms
We have simplified our application form to make it easy for the client to fill out and apply.
On receipt of application forms we can start processin the loan immediately. Usually the approval process is prompt and has a minimum of fuss. To speed up the process you can apply on line.

To apply, simply click on our Application Form page and fill in the details. Remember the more detail you give us on the form the less time the application will take to process.

Flexible Terms of Repayment

To make a loan affordable to the client we tailor the terms and repayments to reflect their circumstances. We are careful not to over commit our clients.
Finance terms are tailored to suit the needs of our clients

Payment Protection Insurance
We are able to provide clients with insurance to cover the loan repayments should they be unfortunate enough to be unable to work through sickness, accident or redundancy. Death cover is also available.
Payment protection insurance ensures that the client is as stress free as possible, should something unforseen happen to their income.

Other Insurance Cover
We require all items being used as security on a loan to be insured. We can provide insurance cover for those items if you are not already covered.
Items used as security must to be insured to protect the client. If loss theft or damage were to occur the loan would automatically fall into default.

Down to Earth Advice
Clients trust us with their financial affairs and we are available to give quality advice whether it be about investing or borrowing, private or business.
With the combined input the principals and staff drawing on their expertise, you are ensured the best possible information.